Woodworking Projects That Make Money

The internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for making money with woodworking. While it is great that it is possible to reach such a wide range or potential customers many woodworkers want to know what wood products sell the best. Here you will find out what the woodworking projects that make money are and how you can get started.

In a previous article on best selling wood products I discussed how you can use eBay to see what is already selling and to see what other successful woodworkers are already doing. I recommend taking a look at that article as it is useful for finding out what is hot right now.

When building woodworking projects it is a good idea to think simple, especially when starting out. The simplier the project that less wastage their will be as and the project will quicker to complete. One mistake that some beginner woodworkers make is to not to account for their time properly. Even if you enjoy what you are doing you should not view your time as a free commodity.

When accounting for how profitable an item you should include a reasonable rate for your own labor. Even if your own woodworking business is only a part time enterprise it will help you to evaluate what projects you should be working on and which are better suited for hobby pieces.

And now for the woodworking projects that make money:

Wooden Jewellery Boxes

Wooden jewellery boxes and tobacco boxes are both relatively easy to build items that are always popular. Making these items does not require a lot of space to work or a lot of expensive tools. These wood products are light and fairly small so they can be sold and shipped internationally making them a great product to sell on the internet. The following video will show you how you can make  your own wooden jewellery boxes:


Wooden items for the garden is a huge market and is possible to specialize in this market alone. Everyone likes the idea of having a comfortable bench were they can enjoy their garden in piece and the high markup on these items make them a great item to sell.

Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are really easy to put together and can be built from inexpensive material. You don’t need a lot of technical skill to get started with the simple wooden item.

Walking Sticks

As the population ages there are going to be more and more demand for products aimed at the senior market. Walking sticks are relatively easy to craft once you know what you are doing and well made ones can command a good price.

Wooden Toys

This a huge and diverse market but a great one to enter. Wooden toys are really hot right now as parents want to give their children something more authentic and long lasting to play with. The website Etzy which is like eBay for artisans has proven a gold mine for woodworkers in this field.

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